Project Details

Material: Corian
Colour: Glacier
Kitchen: Custom Routed in Drainboard, Custom-notch around plumbing stack.


“SSC was an invaluable component of our kitchen renovation coming in on time. The pricing was very competitive and the service was great. Everything from the quote to install was fast and professional. It was one of the highlights of a long and sometimes stressful process.

Since completion of our kitchen I have had the opportunity to use SSC in a couple of projects through work. I am employed as a Decorator in the Film Business. Each project was invariably a rush job, often with changes being made right up to the last minute. Quinn and everyone at SSC were amazing. More than once they pulled a rabbit out of they’re hats and made me look good!

I have since recommended SSC to everyone who has asked about our kitchen and they will be back when we renovate our bathroom.”

Sean Jackson, Penny Gleave,